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Written by: http://enternalwanderlust.tumblr.com/

Ashton: you had planned to get up early and cook breakfast for Ashton before he went off to the studio. You had turned to radio on while you were cooking and your favourite song just started to play. You smiled and began to dance around the kitchen, spatula in hand, hips moving as you sang along to the song. “Babe” you heard Ashton laugh from behind you, turning as you cheeks heated up to find a shirtless Ashton leaning against the door frame, smirk splayed across his face.

Calum: You knew you had a couple of hours to yourself while Calum was in the lounge writing so you figured you’d knock off some assignment work while he was busy. You were lying on your bed, laptop in front of you working your way through it slowly. “What?” you asked yourself out loud, reading a question. “How can you do that? It’s got nothing to even do with the question? It’s not even related to the issue?” you stare perplexed at the page. “You right there babe?” Calum asks walking in the room, smirking as you blush.

Luke: You were lying on the couch watching TV at home by yourself as Luke was out with the boys when High School Musical came on. You couldn’t be bothered changing the channel and you hadn’t seen the movie in a while so you left it running, too lazy to change to channel. By the time you were halfway through the film you were up dancing along to the movie, singing the words loudly. You didn’t hear the door opening or Luke walking through to the lounge until you heard him laughing behind you, cheeks red from exertion.

Michael: You thought it would be a great idea to surprise Michael by learning guitar as he always said he’d love to play with you before. You grabbed your laptop moving into the spare room where Michael kept his guitar, placing it on the bench. You searched around trying to find the perfect song before picking up a guitar. Awhile later you had learnt a few chords when the door opened you turn to find Michael laughing. “What?” you ask curiously. “Babe, you’re holding the guitar the wrong way!” he chuckles, kissing your forehead.


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x5sos preferences x5 seconds of summer x5 seconds of summer preferences xashton irwin xcalum hood xluke hemmings xmichael clifford
Written by: http://raspyberry.tumblr.com/
Ashton: “You sure you’re gonna be okay?” Ashton asked you sitting up in the lounge chair. “Course,” you smiled and lifted up your sun glasses, “Go babe, they’re waiting for you.” You giggled and pointed to the group of girls in the pool. You recently flew out to L.A to stay with Ashton while he had a few days off. You were enjoying the time you were spending with him because you missed him dearly. You loved how he was with the fans, so caring and grateful to have them. Plus, they were extremely nice to you so you didn’t mind that they kept yelling for Ashton… Well you didn’t let it show, especially now. A few girls were asking to play chicken and Ashton couldn’t refuse. “Alright lets do this.” He cheered, clapping his hands. He grabbed a girl by her arm, instantly claiming her as his partner. “You and me baby!” He yelled jokingly, laughing as he did. “You guys are going down.” The girl said smiling, putting an arm around Ashton. You huffed and rolled your eyes, trying your best to stay calm. Ashton went under the water and the girl got on his shoulders. His hands were placed tightly on her thighs and her hands were resting on top of his while they waited for the other team to get into position. You were happy that Ashton was so close to his fans, but this was pushing it for you. Annoyed as you were, you decided to leave the pool area and go back to the room. 
Calum: “Finally we can get some time alone together.” You said happily, squeezing Calum’s hand. “I know babe, I’m sorry it’s been so crazy.” He leaned over and kissed your cheek, “It’s okay, at least I have you all to myself now.” You returned the kiss, but on his lips. After a long day of running around with Calum and the rest of the band, you finally got to unwind with your boyfriend, poolside. “Promise, no more interruptions.” Calum said a little too soon because moments later, there were a few girls standing right in front of your cabana. “Hi,” One girl said nervously, waving her hands. “Hey,” Calum said sweetly, sitting up straight “How are you girls?” Even though it was only a ‘hi how are you?’ type of situation, you were a bit jealous because this was supposed to be your time with Calum and his promise was broken. “Good, great actually. C-can we get a picture with you over by the little waterfall?” The girl said pointing to the waterfall that was attached to the pool, “Course.” Calum said, like he had no problem leaving you alone. Without a word, he walked away with the girls, with an arm resting on one of their shoulders. 
Luke: “Are you kidding me? This is like the tenth time in less than five minutes.” You huffed, wiping the water off of your face. “Are you jealous Y/N?” Luke asked, trying to pull you closer towards his body. You didn’t want to admit it so you simply said “No.” softly, but honestly, you were a bit jealous. You understood he had to take time out and talk with fans, but it was getting a bit ridiculous. “Baby, I-..” Luke started but was interrupted by another fan, “Luke can we get a picture?” A girl asked. You rolled your eyes and pushed him away, leaving him alone with her. You wanted to be alone right now, so you swam away before you said something that you would have regretted later on. 
Michael: “How long have you been sitting out here?” Your friend, Max, asked taking off his sunglasses. “I lost count.” You mumbled, “Where’s Michael?” Max asked, sitting down on the lounge chair next to yours. “Having girls kiss his ass, where else?” You said sarcastically, picking up your magazine, flipping through the pages. “Someone’s a little jealous,” “I’m annoyed.” “Get over it, he can’t help it. You knew this would happen, so you’re just gonna have to deal with it” Max said, “I know, but I’d like to spend time with my boyfriend for a little.” “C’mon, lets go in.” Max said pouting back to the pool, “Go next to him or something, go talk with him. Maybe it’ll make you feel better.” Max smiled and held out his hand for you to take, which you did. Maybe he was right, it might just make things better. Once you were in the pool, Michael’s face lit up, “Y/N!” He yelled waving for you to come next to him. 
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x5sos preferences x5 seconds of summer x5 seconds of summer preferences xluke hemmings xmichael clifford xashton irwin xcalum hood

#200 - Based on the lyrics ‘Forever and Always by Parachute (requested anon)

A/N: Written by http://www.raspyberry.tumblr.com

Ashton: His voice is almost too low as he says, I love you forever, forever and always. Please just remember even if I’m not there I’ll always love you, forever and always.
Tomorrow Ashton was leaving again for tour and he wasn’t going to be back for a while, which crushed you. A year ago Ashton asked you to be his girlfriend after years of being best friends and shameless flirting, and you couldn’t resist. It never got easy for you between the days and nights you spent alone, and all the times you needed him by your side. Sure the phone and Skype calls helped, but it wasn’t the same. Today, he dedicated his entire day to you and you only; taking out you for lunch, ice cream, and you even spent a few hours at the park laughing together as if tomorrow were never going to happen. Even though you were having an amazing time with him, you knew it was getting closer and closer. “I don’t want tonight to end,” You said looking down at your feet, leaning against the front door to Ashton’s house. “C’mere.” He said grabbing your arm, pulling you towards his body. He pressed a feather light kiss to your soft lips, smiling slightly as he pulled away. “Want to watch a movie? You can spend the night if you want.” You nodded your head, there’s nothing you wanted more than to spend as much time as you could with him, well besides having him stay. Once you were both inside of the house and in his room, he gave you a pair of sweatpants and one of his band t-shirts to change into. Ashton put on the movie and got into bed, holding his arms open when he saw you walk out of the bathroom. You cuddled into his warm body, wrapping your arms around his waist. “I don’t want to leave you Y/N.” his voice started to shake slightly and when you looked into his eyes, you noticed they were starting to water. His voice was becoming low as he started to say, “I love you forever, forever and always. Please just remember even if I’m not there. I’ll always love you, forever and always.” You wiped away his fallen tears with your thumbs, pulling his face towards yours to kiss his quivering lips. “I know how hard it is for you when I’m away, but I promise Y/N, when I’m back I’ll do whatever I can to make it up to you.” Ashton kissed you passionately, holding you close to his chest as if he never wanted to let you go.The next morning was hard for you both, but you remembered his sweet, loving words and tried to stay positive.
Calum: I want you forever, forever and always. Through the good and the bad and the ugly. We’ll grow old together, and always remember whether happy or sad or whatever. We’ll still love each other, forever and always.
“You’re serious about this, aren’t you?” Michael asked as he picked up the small black box off the coffee table. “Uh, I would think so.” Ashton said sarcastically, stretching on the couch, laughing as he did. Earlier while Calum was out running errands with Luke, you called Michael and Ashton and asked if they would stop by because you had exciting news. “I mean I didn’t buy the ring for him to wear when he needed an accessory.” You said rubbing your hands together, pacing back and forth nervously. Yes it’s true; you were going to propose to Calum. After months of discussing marriage and how you were one hundred percent sure you wanted to spend your lives together, you decided to take the next step. And you didn’t care who asked who, since nothing was really “traditional” for the two of you, it didn’t matter. You didn’t want to waste anymore time not being ‘Mrs. Hood’. “I’m proud of you Y/N. I really am, I know you both will be happy together.” Michael said, which surprised you because he’s usually the one who’s always joking around with you. “Ditto for me.” Ashton yelled, grabbing the ring from Michael’s hands. – Once the boys left, you started to make Calum’s favorite meal and began to get your setup ready. You made sure everything was perfect; candles were lit, the table was set, lights were dim, and you looked absolutely stunning. You stood in the kitchen, making last minute adjustments when you heard someone outside with keys jiggling, trying to unlock the door. “Y/N?” Calum called out, slipping off his shoes and putting his jacket on the rack. “Babe?” he called again, looking into the living room only to find an empty room. “In here!” You breathed deeply, massive butterflies growing in your stomach. Calum walked into the kitchen and his expression changed immediately, he was in complete shock. “W-what’s this for?” He asked smiling, walking towards you with wide arms. You wrapped your arms around the man you planned on spending the rest of your life with, looking up at him with watery eyes. He leaned forward slightly, connecting your lips together. He bumped your noses together, “Mhm baby?” he hummed, “Well,” You cleared your throat and grabbed his hands, positioning yourself on your knees just like he would if the roles were switched. “Calum Hood, you are more than I ever imagined. You’re the love of my life, my best friend, and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You heard a sniff coming from Calum and his eyes start to tear up. “I want you forever, forever and always. Through the good and the bad and the ugly. We’ll grow old together, and always remember whether happy or sad or whatever. We’ll still love each other, forever and always.” You pulled out the small black box from your jean pocket, opening it up to reveal a black band with a few diamonds on the side. “Will you marry me?” By the time you finished your sentence, tears were streaming down you face, but you still managed to have a smile on your face. “Yes, yes, yes.” He said excitedly, pulling you up to stand straight. Without hesitation he picked you up and starting leaving kisses all over your face. – 2 years later, you were finally married and were planning on starting a family very soon.
Luke: She tries to keep a straight face as she walks into the room. She sits by his bedside, holds his hand too tight. They talk about the kids they’re gonna have and the good life.
“What do you mean he got into a car accident?!” You asked frantically, holding your phone close to your ear, not wanting to miss a word. “Is he okay? Where is he? I need to see him now!” The voice on the other end told you what hospital Luke was at and suggested you come as quickly as possible. You drove like a mad woman, despite the fact that your fiancé of 3 years just got into a horrible car accident. Once you arrived at the hospital, one of the nurses pointed you towards the direction to his room. When you got closer you saw the boys and Luke’s parents outside of the room, all holding onto each other. Everyone hugged you tightly, telling you that they were sorry. You cried into his mother’s arms as she kept you close to her body. “Y/N?” The nurse said quietly, poking her head out from the room. “You can come in, I’ll give you some time alone.” She said softly, taking your hand leading you into the room. Outside of the room you were a complete wreck, but you tried your hardest to keep a straight face as you walked into the room. “You can sit there.” The nurse said softly, pointing towards the chair next to Luke’s bed. He was awake and for time being, you were more than thankful for that. “Hi baby,” You whispered as you sat down, locking your fingers together. You looked around the room; there were so many machines and tubes, signs that you had no idea what they meant. You told yourself to stay strong for you and Luke. There he was laying, all attached to these beeping machines, shaking, trying his best to at least smile for you. “I just want you to know that I love you so much Luke, you’re such a strong, brave man.” Your voice was shaky and your eyes became watery as he watched every word leave your lips. “I’m so happy I said yes to you, there’s no one I could ever picture spending my life with besides you baby. I can’t wait until we start a family of our own, have little Luke’s running around… what do you say baby?” You sniffed, freeing one hand to brush through his soft blonde hair. Luke tried his best to smile, but he was crying along with you, holding on tightly as best as he could to the hand he had. “We’re gonna get through this together, just like we have with everything else. It’s you and me baby, always. I promise, I know you can do this.” When the nurse came in, politely telling you that the doctor had to come in and do a few tests, you sighed but knew it was for the better. You got up from the chair and kissed Luke chastely, “I love you, remember no one is as strong as my Luke Hemmings.”
Michael: She’s sitting at the table, the hours get later. He was supposed to be here, she’s sure he would have called.
You sat at your kitchen table, tapping your foot anxiously as you waited for Michael to come home. No he wasn’t your boyfriend even though that’s what you really wanted. You and Michael have been friends for the past five years and 2 years ago, he suggested that you both move in together… “What’s better than living with your best friend who knows how to cook? Nothing that’s what.” His words exactly. Things were going better than you expected… except for the fact that you were in love with him and he had no idea. It wasFriday, your typical ‘stay in, order take out, and watch movies’ night. You looked forward to these nights every week, but tonight it was different. It was getting late so you decided not to wait for Michael to ordered your favorites from your weekly Chinese restaurant. It was getting later so you called and texted him, but got no response which was weird because he’d always call you back right away. – Hours later there you were, sitting at the kitchen, 2 in the morning, waiting for Michael. It wasn’t like him not to call if he wasn’t going to come home or was going to be late, so naturally you were worried and scared. You decided to text him again, ‘Mikey seriously, where r u? ive been sitting here for hours.. im worred about u. pls call :( xx’ Before you hit send, there he was stumbling into the house a little intoxicated. “Michael! Where were you! You had me worried sick.” You jumped up from the chair and ran over to him, “M’sorry.” He mumbled, standing up straight grabbing onto your shoulders. “I just didn’t want to be here again, doing the same old thing.” You pulled away, a hurt expression running over your face. “You don’t get it, do you Y/N?” You smelt the booze on his breath, which explained where he was and why he came in stumbling. “We spend everyday together, you cook for me, always do what you can for me, and I love you for that y’know?” His words were slurring, but you understood everything he was saying. “Michael, jus- just stop. You don’t know what you’re saying, you’re drunk.” You sighed, even though it’s what you want to hear, you knew it was only the alcohol talking. “Nonono. I love you, I really do.” He mumbled as you walked into the couch, laying him down, throwing a blanket over his body. “We’ll talk in the morning, okay? Just get some sleep please.” You kissed his forehead and when you pulled away to turn around, he grabbed your arm, pulling you back to him. “I love you Y/N, mm.” Michael shut his eyes and quickly fell asleep. “I love you too.” You said to yourself as you walked to your room.
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Written by: http://raspyberry.tumblr.com/

Ashton: “I don’t think that color will look good on you Ash.” Luke commented as he walked into the living room, where Ashton was sitting on the couch with his laptop on his lap. A few weeks ago, Ashton suggested that the two of you go away for a while and you’d be crazy to object. After hours of naming places you’ve  always wanted to visit, “Florida!” “England!” “Canada!” “California!”,   you finally agreed on Fiji. Once it was settled, you were searching the web for new bathing suits. You had your top ten favorites and told Ashton to choose his favorite five, which is why he’s been sitting on the couch for the past hour switching between tabs, growing aggravated. “Shut up.” He rolled his eyes, “Why are you looking at bikinis anyways?” Calum asked taking a seat in the chair in the corner as the other two sat next to Ashton on the couch. “Me and Y/N are going on vacation and she wants me to pick out some bathing suits for her.” Ashton mumbled, his eyes squinting at the bright screen. “You might want to pick another bathing suit,” Michael started, “No offense mate, but I don’t think she could fill that up.” He bit his bit, shaking his head. “Yeah, I mean she has a great body, but kind of lacks in the boob department.” Calum said, laughing to himself which caused Michael and Luke to join in. “Stop, I like her small boobs.” Ashton said proudly, “But I’m annoyed with bikini shopping, can we get something to eat?” The three boys agreed and soon they were all out the door. 
Calum: “If you guys need anything, I’ll be right up stairs.” You smiled and waved off to the boys, walking up the stairs. You and Calum have been cleaning all day nonstop, and the last thing to do was the laundry, which you could do alone. Calum was more than enough help, as always, he made sure to do everything you asked and more.  ”You sure you don’t need anymore help?” Calum asked, snuggling into the crook of your neck as you both laid down on the couch. “M’sure babe you’ve done enough for me. The boys are coming over just relax.” You said sweetly, kissing his nose moments before he doorbell rang. “Ready to get your asses beat?” Michael said grabbing the  Xbox controllers off the floor and handing them out to the boys. “Not happening today Clifford.” Ashton laughed, kicking his feet up. The boys went on playing, yelling at each other here and there, while you ran around up stairs with the laundry. When you walked across the hall to the bathroom, you overheard the boys talking about something that sparked your interest.  ”Yeah, but Jessie had a great pair.” Ashton laughed uncontrollably, “Big and perky.” Luke commented, “Cal, you might have gone down with that. Y/N could never compete with Jessie.” Michael said with a promising tone. You stood at the top of the stairs, growing aggravated with their conversation. Okay so what that you didn’t have huge boobs, but they were a decent size and you were happy with them. “I don’t want her to compete with Jessie, Y/N is way better.” Calum said proudly, smiling to himself. “Whatever you say.” Michael said focusing back on the game. 
Luke: “Truth or dare Y/N?” Calum asked grabbing another slice of pizza. “Truth.” You said, not because you were scared of his dare.. Okay yeah maybe you were. It was your weekly game night with four of your best friends and you looked forward to them every week. “Is it true that you’ve thought about getting a boob job?” Calum asked, holding back his laughter. You looked at Luke and rolled your eyes, because he was supposed to ‘keep it a secret’. “True.” You mumbled, looking down at the ground. After constantly getting teased about your small breasts, from the boys and other people at school, even your family, you were seriously thinking about getting breast implants. “Thanks for telling them Luke, means a lot.” You huffed and left the room. You ran to the bathroom and started to cry, forgetting about the boys. Luke knocked on the door, until he simply picked the lock. “Y/N, I’m sorry.” He said closing the door behind him. “I just didn’t want you to go through with it and I know if I told you that, you would just brush it off. So I talked to them, I know I shouldn’t have, but I didn’t know who else to go to.” He was on his knees, next to you on the floor, wiping away your tears. “It’s okay.” You said quietly. Of course you were upset about him spilling everything, but he cared about you and your health so in the end, you couldn’t really be mad. 
Michael: Today you were heading over to Luke’s house, seeing as how he invited you along with Michael, Calum and Ashton , over for a cookout. ‘don’t forget your bathing suits!’ Luke texted an hour before you were supposed to leave. Once you arrived at his house, you changed into your bikini and went outside to hang out by the pool with Calum. While the food cooked, the boys jumped into the pool, splashing water all over you. “Y/N can I tell you something?” Michael asked wiping the water off of his face, “What now?” You huffed jokingly. You loved your relationship with the boys, especially Michael. You both fought like brother and sister, teased each other constantly, but you knew he meant nothing by it. “You have small boobs.” “Really? Wow, I didn’t know that.” You kicked water in Michael’s face, laughing as you did. It didn’t bother you when he would comment on your breast size, because he was right, you did have small boobs but it didn’t matter to you. “Just thought I’d let you know.” Michael smiled slyly swimming away. 
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Written by: http://enternalwanderlust.tumblr.com/ 

Ashton: “Argh!” you sigh scribbling out your answer once again. “What’s up love?” Ashton calls voice travelling down the hall. “I can’t figure out these chords” you point to your sheet frustratedly. “Babe, why didn’t you just ask for help?” he drops a kiss on top of your head as he pulls a chair up beside you. “Because I need to be able to do this” you rub your forehead. “You can’t do it, til you understand love, here” He pulls the pencil out of your hand, writing out the chord and explaining it to you carefully. Letting you answer the rest of the sheet, pointing out where you went wrong explaining the right way to do it.

Calum: You were trying to answer questions about a funeral speech for your history homework, but you were having trouble understanding the speech because of the time period it was written in. Your boyfriend was watching you from his seat as you read the same line five times. “Okay what don’t you get baby?” Calum asks sitting beside you. “I don’t understand this, the way it’s written I can’t get anything from it” you lean into his side as he reads over the paper. “Okay so, start here” he points to the top of the page, explaining what the speech was about.

Luke: “HIS RELIGION IS IMPORTANT THOUGH!” You shout frustratedly at your English draft. You hear your boyfriend Luke laughing behind you, “Why is it important?” he asks, leaning against the doorframe. “Because it’s important that he comes from a foreign country as it explains why he doesn’t understand Australian customs and therefore he wasn’t aware of the law and could be charged guilty for his wrong doing you explain” eyes widening as you realise what you need to do to deepen your discussion, as he smirks at you from the door.

Michael: You’re sat on your bed revising for your science exam tomorrow, regardless of the fact you’ve been studying all week, you still feel like you don’t know anything. Michael was sat on the bed behind you, had rubbing at your lower back as he watched you revise. “Okay here, how about every time you get something right, I’ll give you a kiss” he smirks taking the sheet off you pulling you back into his lap. It’s safe to say you passed your exam the next day.

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x5sos preferences x5 seconds of summer x5 seconds of summer preferences xashton irwin xcalum hood xluke hemmings xmichael clifford

Written by: http://enternalwanderlust.tumblr.com/ 

Ashton: Ashton had asked for you to help him find the perfect present for his brother Harry, so the two of you spent hours searching through ever shop to find something special that he’d always remember.

Calum: You were visiting on tour in America and Calum decided to take you shopping with him, organising the day at a mall looking through band tees and superhero shirts.

Luke: It was your birthday and he took you shopping to find the perfect dress for the surprise party he was planning for you, not complaining once about how long you were out looking for.

Michael: You needed to restock on food after the boys returned from tour, which really gave you and Michael an excuse to buy as much food as you wanted and race around the shop on trollies.


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x5sos preferences x5 seconds of summer x5 seconds of summer preferences xashton irwin xcalum hood xluke hemmings xmichael clifford

Written by: http://eurohipster.tumblr.com/

Ashton: You were walking home alone after the concert. One Direction was phenomenal, and so was their opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer. Your mom was out o town, so she couldn’t pick you up, and your dad was with her. You lost your friend in the crowd, and your phone was out of battery from videotaping the whole concert. So you didn’t have a ride home or any way to get one. Your house wasn’t too far from the venue, you walked there and you knew the way, but it was dark and you were scared.
"Hey, Jack, we got a looker rounding the corner!" You whipped your head around to see two hefty guys coming towards you.
You looked down and walked faster.
"Come over here, gorgeous. We just wanna have a little fun."
You were turned around by a set of big hands and pushed up against a brick wall.
"You’re right. She is a looker. Now let’s see if she’s pretty underneath those clothes…"
You started to shout and struggle, but there was nobody around to hear you.
"Hey, back off mate." Someone came and pushed the men off of you.
"Make me." The bigger men said.
The smaller guy whipped his arm around and punched one of them square across the jaw. They quickly bolted from the scene.
"Are you okay?" The nice man asked you. "Did they hurt you?"
"Um…" You were still shaken from the whole ordeal. "No. I think I’m okay."
"You shouldn’t be walking alone in this part of town, there are creepy guys around." He handed you your purse that you dropped. "I’m Ashton, by the way."
"I’m (Y/N). Thank you."
"Do you need someone to walk you home? Cause I swear on my drum kit I won’t pull a stunt like that!"
You nodded and laughed, grateful to have someone kind to wall you home.
"Thank you." You told him once you got to your front door.
"Don’t mention it." Ashton turned and walked away without another word.

Calum: You loved working the lights and the soundboard at concerts. You loved it even more now that you were dating the bassist. You were able to watch the stage with the perfect view from the middle of the venue.
Calum would occasionally wink at you from the stage, and you would blow a kiss back.
One smaller venue, they were in the middle of “Heartbreak Girl” Calum winked at you like you always did.
You blew a kiss back, but your elbow hit the main audio button. The sound cut completely. You and everyone else scrambled to get it back on. It was back on in less than three seconds, but it still went off.
Your boss got pissed. He yelled at you harshly and endlessly.
"You are replaceable. You aren’t special. I’m going to find someone else who can do your job better than you, you can go."
You were heavy hearted. This was the job that paid the bills. You paid for college with that money. Your life was over if you got fired.
"No! It wasn’t her fault!" Calum came running to your rescue.
"It was all my fault. If I hadn’t winked at her during the song, she would never have returned the gesture. Don’t fire her, please."
Your boss looked from him back to you.
"Is this true?" He asked.
"It sounds selfish to say yes…" You began.
"That’s exactly how it happened. It’s my fault, not hers." Calum said proudly.
"Screw up again and no excuse will save you." He said before turning to leave.
You flung your arms around Calum’s neck.
"I love you so much, Cal. You saved me. You really did." You thanked him.
He just pressed his lips to yours. “I’d do it a thousand times more if I had to. But I hope we don’t have to do that again.”
You laughed.
"And I promise to never distract you again." He vowed.
"And I promise never to let you distract me, no matter how irresistible you are." You kissed him again and walked over to help pack the equipment.

Luke: You never had trouble getting around. You could drive, and when you flew places, you like to walk, mostly because they were large cities that your boyfriend’s band was touring. Luke hated that you liked to go out alone while he was practicing, but you did it mostly to tease him.
One day you decided to head out before the show and try to find a bookstore so you could find something new to read. The rest of the guys were off doing whatever it is they usually do when youre gone. You couldn’t use any more data without having to pay extra fees, so you decided to ditch google maps and wing it. You walked through the main part of town, but didn’t find anything. So you went off a couple different roads. Eventually, you found yourself in an old residential part of town. You were admittedly lost. You tried backtracking, but you couldn’t find your way back. And it was getting dark.
An hour after you realised you were lost, you almost gave up. The show was in an hour and you couldn’t even find your way out of a neighbourhood. You started walking quickly in a random direction. Anywhere is better than here, you decided.
As the sun was about to set, you ran into someone on the street.
You shrieked in fear and started running the other way.
"(Y/N)! Wait! It’s me!" He shouted. You recognized the voice, and turned to see Luke’s face.
"I’m so happy to see you!" You sighed in relief. You were beginning to think you were lost forever.
"Where were you? What happened? Are you alright?" Luke spat out various questions and he hugged you tightly.
"No. I’m fine. I just got lost. I’m so glad you found me though. Can we get out of here?" He nodded.
"Like… Now?" You finished. His lips formed an "o" and he grabbed your hand, leading you back to the city and and towards the venue.
"Don’t ever do that again! I thought you left or something!"
"Don’t worry." You replied. "I’m not leaving anytime soon. No matter how many times I get lost."

Michael: You and Michael had been best friends ever since you met. You spent as much time together as possible, even though it wasn’t a lot, seeing as the band was still touring. You were still in school, and you had to work two jobs just to keep your LA apartment. It was a bit of a struggle, but you got by. One day, after you came home, you got a knock on your door. It was the landlord. She came to tell you to pack your things. You were getting kicked out because you couldn’t pay the rent for the past three months. You couldn’t afford anything else, and you had nowhere to go. You spent the next three days working your arse off, packing your belongings, and searching for a place to stay. Then, your phone started to ring.
"Hey, (Y/N). It’s been a while, how’re you doing?" It was Michael, calling to check in as he did.
"Not good." You replied. "Landlord just kicked me out and I can’t afford anything else. Can’t afford to be a tennant either. I’m screwed, Mike!" You complained helplessly.
"They’re kicking you out? What did you do?"
"I didn’t pay the rent. 3 months worth. I can’t pay that or I won’t be able to buy food for a month." You could almost feel yourself on the verge of tears.
"Hold on just a minute. I’ll be right back." He said hastily.
You patiently waited for him as you put your shirts in a duffel.
"Okay. I can officially fix your problem."
You laughed in disbelief. “I doubt that.”
"Believe me!" He persisted. "We have a home in LA and its kind of close by to your school and we’re allowed to let you live there until you can find another place."
"Are you serious?" You shouted.
"One hundred percent.  I’ll text you the details later. I have to go, but it’s all gonna be good, I promise."
Once again, Michael was superman. You were eternally grateful for him, and you never let him forget that from that point forward

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Written by: http://raspyberry.tumblr.com

Ashton: You’re not on my list of things to do, cause’ I’ve already done you.”

He cheated. Plain and simple like night and day, Ashton cheated on you. After 7 months of dating, he easily gave it up for one stupid night. After weeks of crying, you decided to give him another chance, but soon realized that he hadn’t changed. You would try to fight for him because you loved him and didn’t have it in you just to give up on what you guys had. Once you came to the realization that he obviously didn’t care, you walked away, promising yourself that you would never go back. 

~*~ 5 Months Later

“Are you kidding me? You looked amazing last night.” Your friend, Nicole, said scrolling through her phone as the two of you sat on your couch. Last night, you went out with a group of your friends to the local club and before you left, you decided to snap a few pictures of yourself to post on your Instagram, showing off your outfit. “It was little black dress! No big deal.” You protested, laughing as you grabbed your phone. “Apparently some people think it’s a big deal.” You mumbled, eyes wide as you read the text that you just received. “What are you talking about?” Nicole questioned, “Ashton just texted me.” You whispered, “hey i know we haven’t talked in a while, but i miss you and think we should catch up. Call me sometime.” You read the text aloud, laughing hysterically along with Nicole. “He just saw your pictures from last night and he realizes what a dumb ass he is and now he wants you back.” She said in between her laugher. Nicole was right, Ashton did want you back, but that wasn’t going to happen. You already knew what kind of guy he was and you knew you deserved better.

Calum: “You hold me down, by keeping me around.”
“So are you really going away?” Calum asked you over dinner, “I-I want to…” You said quietly, keeping your focus on your plate. “Why? Why do you want to go all the way to New York? Do yo-” You cut Calum off mid sentence to defend yourself, “Because Cal!” You yelled, looking up at him. “I want to go, what more do I have to say?” You felt like this was becoming ridiculous, it was a perfect opportunity. Getting accepted into one of the top colleges in New York was your dream and it recently came true, but Calum was not so excited. “Why Y/N? I don’t understand why!” Calum fumed, “Do you not want to be with me? Is that was it is?” He questioned, “No Calum,” you sighed getting up from your seat. “Look,” you got on your knees and grabbed his hands, “I love you, I really do. I just need to go, for me.” You explained, “I can’t stay here and let this opportunity pass me by. I’ll miss you, so much baby. But I need to go.” You leaned up and kissed his lips softly. Calum nodded his head, “I’ll miss you too Y/N.” he said under his breath, wrapping his arms around your body, pulling you in for a hug. 

Luke: “You’re young and in love. That should be enough.”
“What do you mean you want to move in together?” Your mother hissed, staring at you and Luke on the couch. “Well, we’ve been talking and we really think it’s time.” You said happily, squeezing Luke’s hand. “I love Y/N, a lot, and yeah, it’s time.” Luke said smiling at you and then your mother. While you and Luke were overly excited, your mother was not. “You’re young and in love! That should be more than enough, why do you need to move in together right now?” She asked, shaking her head. You shrugged your shoulders, with nothing to say. You thought that you wanted to move in with Luke, but after talking with your mother it seemed like everything had changed. 

Michael: “Desperate minds mean desperate measures.” 
“I miss you babe.” You sighed, looking at your boyfriend on the laptop screen. “I miss you too Y/N, so much. I’ll be home in a few months.” Michael groaned, rubbing his fingers through his hair. The two of you continued to talk throughout the night about whatever came to mind. It’s been 2 months since you last saw each other and you’ve been trying to stay strong, but the distance has been getting to you more and more. The next morning, you decided to something you never thought you’d do… You bought a plane ticket to go see Michael. After packing your bags and telling Michael that you couldn’t really talk today because you were ‘busy’, you were on your way to the airport. Once you arrived, you called a cab and were headed to his hotel. The front desk gladly gave you his room number and within seconds you were on the elevator, pressing the button for the tenth floor. When you knocked on his door, your heart was racing and when he opened the door, you jumped into his arms. “What are you doing here Y/N?!” Michael said, tightly wrapping his arms around your waist. “I missed you baby!” You cheered, leaving kisses all over his face.

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x5sos preferences x5 seconds of summer x5 seconds of summer preferences xmichael clifford xashton irwin xcalum hood xluke hemmings

Based off Liquid Confidence by You Me At Six (requested anon)

Written by:  www.shewantsthebeautyofabsolutes.tumblr.com

Ashton- “We are an example of why not to fall in love”

A plate crashes to the ground. Ashton is madder than you’ve ever seen him. His usually round and bright face looks sullen and sunken today. “I’m sorry Ash, it just happened”, you said. “Oh I highly doubt that SLEEPING WITH CALUM just happened”, he bellowed, his voice cracking. Makeup was tracking down your face, hot tears were rolling down you’s and Ashton’s faces. “Are you saying  that you never cheated on me when you were on tour?”, you asked, turning the tables. “Don’t you make this about me!”, Ashton said, quickly walking to the closet, grabbing a jacket, and racing to the door. “Where are you going?”, you whimpered. “I’m gonna have a little chat with Calum”, he called over his shoulder. “I love you!”, you yelled after him. “No”, he replied, “We are an example of why not to fall in love.”


Calum-  “I’ll do better than you”

“Hiya babe”, you said as Calum opened the front door. Immediately, you could sense that something was wrong; Calum just didn’t look like himself. He opened his mouth, words slurring out, “why are you here”. He was so drunk, you thought, sighing. “I live here, baby”, you sit him into a chair, “I’ll get you some aspirin”. “I don’t want aspirin,” he retorted, standing back up. Calum’s drinking habits had always bothered you. He was never violent or anything, but some of things he said to you, and didn’t remember the next day, reminded you of the abusive men in your troubled past. “Just go to bed Calum”, you said, holding back tears. “You wanna go to bed, huh?”, he said trying to sloppily kiss your ear. “Not with you, no”, you answered, pushing him off of you. “Why don’t you just leave then, its not like I love you.”, Calum said defensively, crossing his arms. “Maybe I will!”, you shrieked, picking up your bag and heading for the door. “I’ll do better than you anyway”, you mumble, tears finally pouring down.


Luke- You can’t stay, I want you gone”

“My girlfriend is in the crowd tonight guys!”, Luke yelled over the screams of thousands of teenage girls. Luke searches for you in the crowd, finally seeing you standing next to someone he recognized as your high school boyfriend. You smile up at Luke, but it is apparent that he is less than pleased with your company. “Wave at her, guys!”, Luke fakes a smile. “Tell her you love her!”, Luke directs a chorus of “I LOVE YOU”s at me. And to that guy next to her, lets sing a little YMAS, repeat after me, “YOU CAN’T STAY, I WANT YOU GONE!”.


Michael- You should drink up, so you can convince yourself that I’m cute”

Your friends had dragged you to a bar to meet some guys. You had just gotten out of a serious relationship, and you really weren’t up for this whole scene. You were quietly tracing the rings from glasses on the bar counter, when a man approached you. “I’ll have what she’s having”, the man winked at the disinterested bartender. “Hi, I’m Michael”, he stuck out his hand for me to shake. You reciprocated with a small smile. He handed you the fresh drink

from the bartender and said, “Drink up”. “Why?”, you giggled, a little tipsy. “So you can convince yourself that I’m cute”, he said slyly, resting his hand on your knee. You talked late into the night, and soon realized that you could never love anyone as much as Michael.

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